There’s so much to be found in ancient Greek mythology. Many of life’s big questions have gone unanswered for thousands of years. Sisyphus is all of us. The pain (and the joy) of his success is his commitment to the cause. The human struggle requires the never-ending hope of realizing our dreams, whatever they may be, and is only bearable in light of love.

April Alsup

Music and Lyrics: April Alsup

People sometimes associate the word "composer" with writing music. I find that narrow and limiting…it’s more like storytelling, the music just shows the way. Writing music in coalescence with telling a story is where it's at. I particularly enjoy writing works for music theater because you can get out of the box at every twist and turn.

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Mary Scott

Book: Mary Scott

Everything in life has the comic/tragic appeal to me and I often write with tears in my eyes and laughter in my heart. The free spirit in me compels me to explore beyond our mundane reality, our culture for the masses and our media made fools gold. People are real. The characters always lead, I follow with as much honesty, love and humor as possible at that moment.

Adam White

Orchestration: Adam White

He is a percussionist, pianist, conductor, and composer. Adam completed a triple-major in Music Composition, Percussion Performance, and Music Education from Colorado State University. He now teaches private music lessons to students at Avanti Music Academy in Highlands Ranch. His compositions have won several awards and honors, most notably his orchestral work "New Ice Age" (winner of the Youth Orchestra of the Rockies Composition Competition).